Announcing the winners of the "Zero History" caption contest!

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On Monday, we held a contest to see who could caption this picture using two sentences of William Gibson-esque prose. Our nine winners get free copies of Gibson's Zero History delivered right to their meatspace! Read the winning entries below.

Winners, please send me your names and addresses via private message to my io9 account so I can send your prizes!

AND HERE ARE THE WINNERS (in no particular order):

Officer Jace Kitow pulled the puppetprops and felt the sharp twinge of gravity feedback as the ghostcopter spun down and pulled the city of Leti Corvan before his eyes. The city's vast photosynthesis fields were dotted with industrial blocks and steel roads like an old microchip, and it was Jace's job to find the shorts. (scottbalmes)


He had to work quickly. It wouldn't be long before someone started to wonder what a policeman was doing with a such an expensive piece of kit, and from there it was just a small step to wondering whether he was a really a policeman at all. (var_able)

She knew he would have an app for that. (A2)

The sky above was the color of the back your own head. Looking up was looking down, surveillance ultimately just another form of introspection; the glass-eyed bobby spat. (brdf)


Stage 2 was proceeding as planned: the whisper-drone fired a neuro-dart full of pheromones into the guard's neck, while his security feeds were hacked and overlaid with high grade porn. He would be incommunicado for hours. (idelaney)

If Rydell hadn't actually been a King's Cross rent-a-cop, Chevette might have been able to take the whole thing as a kind Cosplay-gone-surveillance-fetishism. (coryhaim8mydog)


The drone was fifty grams of injection-molded Chinese plastic surrounding four German induction motors and an Irish custom chip originally designed for a Balinese mobile phone. The glasses, though — "The glasses are a bit naff," PC Slothrop admitted shyly. (chronodm)

That was when UniPol slapped the argus hummingbird on the Dutchman. The tech was originally spun up out of carbon-fibre and prayer wheels by Malaysian fashion "paparazzi", really just young kids paid in bhang for pictures of naked demi-starlets on the guarded beaches of Cheong, but UniPol took one look at it and knew they had different plans for it. (ValenciaAnaxibia)


Once the AIs combined and faded into themselves, McCoy Pauley was relieved of his duty of mortality and lay there in the sky blue silk lined casket - clothed in a meticulous Japanese-made mid twentieth century British Bobby uniform based on a photo of the Flatliner's great-grandfather. A cadre of silent Nissan MedEvac microcopters, long removed from their initial deployment during the Columbia Secession Incident a decade ago, hovered over the coffin waiting to deliver McCoy to whatever Maker would match his earthly mainframe with his wiped ROM construct. (GongShowGoalie)

There were over 200 entries - many of them funny and well-written - and I suggest you read them all!