Another Bonus iOS 5 App: Airport Utility

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Controlling your wireless network no longer requires a computer. Apple's dropped another app surprise this morning: an iOS Airport Utility. Change your passwords, reset your routers, update firmware—all in your hand. This computer-less computing thing is fun.


The app's iOS 5-only, and you can either download it straight from iTunes, or find it buried within your device's settings, as 9to5Mac found:

To download the app, access Settings on your iOS device, go to your WiFi setting, tap the little blue arrow next to the currently active network and then hit the Manage This Network button at the bottom of the sheet.

The app also gives you a very pretty little visualization of your entire network—something the desktop client's totally lacking, and which not only looks nice, but can be helpful for those of you managing larger setups. Neat! [9to5Mac]


FINALLY! Now I can travel with just an iPad and an Airport Express, no need to bring the macbook just to set up the router.

Nice to know Apple pulled it's head out on this one.