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Another Brick in the Wall-E? Pixar Meets Pink Floyd

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You're probably family with the widespread claims that The Wizard of Oz synchs up with Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. Now some fans are saying the same is true of robot love story Wall-E and The Wall.

Improv comedian Matt "Tinz" Herzau claims that he deliberately attempted to recreate the magic of Dark Side of the Rainbow, hoping to find another film that would synch up so neatly with a Pink Floyd album. He selected the band's rock opera The Wall and Pixar's film Wall-E based purely on the similar names, and believes he's stumbled onto another striking audiovisual coincidence:

Herzau's video quality leaves much to be desired, but he's not the only one to spot similarities between the album and the film. YouTube user zausuaz made the same discovery, and has the fully synched movie available for download. Among the nuggets he claims we'll see:

2:55 "drop it on them" he begins to pull out the hub cap
2:58 "drop it on them" he pulls it out in perfect time of the word "them"
3:05 GOLDEN! Perfect sync with touching the button on his chest
3:33 GOLDEN! WALL E logo fades perfectly
4:14 Cockroach "winks"
4:40 Walle gets new treads and camera change is perfect for the word "skating"
5:07 screen opens to show WALLE's on the word "feet"
5:13 The ship AXIOM on the word "mind"
5:22 guy next to pool "winks" in time with music
5:24 captain turns and autopilot begins moving
5:25 autopilot snaps into position as captian salutes
5:37 ship pans from people inside to whole view
5:39 on music change view of "SHELBY FORTHRIGHT" as Axiom takes off


I'm not sure whether I should be more surprised that these coincidences occur with not one, but at least two Pink Floyd albums or that there are multiple people who synch Pink Floyd up to random movies just to see what happens.

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