Anthony Mackie Is Stuck Between an Alligator and an Armored Soldier

Ahh! Watch out, Falcon!
Ahh! Watch out, Falcon!
Photo: Well Go USA

Stuck between a gator and a man charging at you in a suit of armor? I mean, really, who can’t relate?


Oh right. No one. It’s a situation so absurd it almost makes no sense. That is, unless it’s in the movie Synchronic, which comes to theaters this weekend and VOD in January. In the film Anthony Mackie plays Steve, a New Orleans paramedic who discovers a new drug called Synchronic that allows you to time travel.

There’s more to it than that but in the below clip—debuting exclusively on io9 today—we see one of the first times Steve uses the drug. What is that other man doing there? What is Steve going to do? When and where the hell is he? This clip will answer none of those questions.

Thankfully, in context of the full film, Synchronic answers a lot of lingering questions. The pertinent ones at least. Without spoiling too much, I’ll say while it is definitely “time travel” the emphasis is more on the “time” than the “travel.” Meaning, where you physically ingest the drug, you stay. Time just moves around you.

This of course is just a building block for a much more complex story about Steve using the drug to find his best friend’s daughter, who also took the drug, as well as dealing with his own mortality. It’s a good film which you can read more about in our review here.

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Don’t do drugs in Florida, kids.

This is true even when the drug probably won’t shove you back in time to the time of Spanish conquests.

Because I have to say PROBABLY.