Anthony Weiner Admits It Was His Weiner

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In a press conference this afternoon, Rep. Anthony Weiner tearfully admitted that the infamous Twitter pic that he denied showed his penis really did the whole time. The announcement comes after more than a week of media frenzy surrounding it.

He states that he was embarrassed during the whole fiasco, and first and foremost apologizes to his wife and family, and then to his constituents and supporters. "It was a destructive thing to do," he said during the presser. Among the other "dumb things" he's done is, in the last three years, carrying on sexy text-based exchanges with about six other women, having racy conversations over "Facebook, Twitter, email, and occasionally over the phone." He denies ever having met with them personally, though.


Weiner spent the last ten days denying his connection to the image up and down, which naturally means it drew a lot of attention. He does not, however, plan on resigning or ending things with his wife. [CNN, Photo Credit: AP Photo/Harry Hamburg, Gawker]