Anti-Malaria Watch

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Forget all those bells and whistles you may want in a watch, there's nothing quite like the "Malaria Monitor," which promises to sound an alarm if it detects the malaria parasite in the wearer. Basically, instead of being able to go underwater or check your heart rate, this watch will prick your wrist four times a day with a tiny little needle and test your blood for malaria parasites. Not bad for a timepiece. If the parasite count is over 50, it will set off an alarm and—you'll love this—flash a big, bright mosquito on the face of the watch. So if the mosquito is flashing, it's time to take your pills (which promise to kill the disease in 48 hours). The watch will cost about $280, so it would have to be picked up by aid organizations and given out for free to be of any use to the people who really need something like this.

Inventor develops anti-malaria wristwatch [Reuters]


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