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Anyone Can Blow Past Your iOS 7 Lockscreen to Make Calls

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Just the other day we came across an iOS 7 vulnerability that will let creeps see your photos and even share them from behind the lockscreen. But that's not all! Turns out you can make calls from behind the lockscreen too.

This bug was discovered by Karam Daoud, and it's even easier to pull off than the camera bug. Just take a locked iPhone, go to the emergency dialer, type in a number, and hammer on the call button. Eventually the phone will lock up and reboot, but the call goes through. We were able to replicate the bug on an iPhone 5.


The possibility that someone could be making calls from your locked phone while you're not looking is something of a privacy concern, though it's not quite as creepy as the prospect of a stranger skeeving on your private photos and then sharing them with the world via your social media accounts. But, there's no quick fix for this problem. You can thwart the other bug by disabling the Control Center on the lockscreen. There doesn't seem to be a way to turn the Emergency Dialer off.

There's already a 7.0.1 update floating around out there that fixes a Touch ID bug, but it seems to leave both lockscreen glitches untouched. So until 7.0.2 rolls around, treat that "lock"screen with some healthy skepticism. [Karam Daoud via Forbes]