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The gay community has so much of its own culture at this point, so why not a music channel on AOL? No reason at all, it seems. Looks like AOL has launched a site called "G-Sides, Music for the GLBT Community," which features all the "gay and lesbian artists we love." Obviously, lots of Boy George and Melissa Etheridge, and today's launch also includes an interview and DJ session from Cyndi Lauper and videos of the Strokes. So there's that.

"This site will talk about all different facets: gay artists, music that has a strong LGB fan base, and even videos that you might not think have relevance to the gay and lesbian community — but do."


...says M. Tye Comer, senior programming manager for AOL Music. Oh, and expect a bunch of Madonna links as well. To check it out, click here. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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