AOL Music Is Dead

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Today, AOL pink-slipped editorial employees at its news sites, and started the embarrassing process of shutting down many—but not all—of the brands associated with the vertical. There has been no official statement from AOL master control (yet), but the dismissed staff from the sites are generating crazy buzz about the meltdown. The hype is so hot that some people saw AOL Music show up as a trending topic on Twitter.


The first to notice the irony of broken music blogs hitting the top of Twitter's charts was one of the condemned, now out-of-work editor Dan Reilly.

Until this afternoon Reilly was an editor at Spinner, a once-pioneering old-school music site that got the axe. AOL acquired Spinner back in 1999, making it amongst the first huge mainstream music publications born online. But Spinner wasn't alone, as AOL Radio's Twitter announced when when reports of the bloodbath started making the rounds online. The staffers of Spinner packed their desks alongside comrades at AOL Music, The Boot, and Noisecreep.

But it's impossible to shut up a bunch of writers, especially when they take to Twitter to broadcast their sadness.

Here's Sarah Chazan, Editor-in-Chief of all of AOL Music.


Spinner's editors said their piece, too. In face Spinner's Twitter was amongst the first to say goodbye to fans. The tweet was later deleted.


Carlos Ramirez, Editor-in-Chief of didn't advertise, but he gratefully accepted the invitation to holler at welcoming editors for freelance work.


Oh and his site, as was later confirmed, is dead.


Later in the afternoon, the news made it over to the Huffington Post newsroom on the other side of the company that's not being downsized.


And as for AOL Radio, which pronounced the first "official" report of the incident, well, it clarified that AOL Radio wouldn't be following the rest out the door.

According to a few, Winamp will survive this round of executions as well.


Still, while it seems like most of the top employees at AOL music are gone, the bloodbath leaves a few AOL Music brands unaccounted for. Sad day for music writing online. Power to all the writers who are going home without a job tonight.


Steven Warwick

Now we will have those talented people put into good jobs that will create awesome products that people will use instead of AOL which nobody seems to know about.