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Apartment Hunting in NYC Is So Bad, I'm Considering This $8,000 Bus

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I've been on a grand tour of wacky apartment sublets since moving to NYC this past summer. For a guy who grew up in the Pennsylvania suburbs, it's an eye-opener. Things that would once have seemed completely unreasonable are starting to look promising—like this $8,000 four-bedroom schoolbus. It's got its own toilet. It's got a lot of crumpled bedsheets. It's very dusty.

Okay, I'm not actually desperate enough to give up the apartment hunt and live in an optimistically-described "school bus home." But you've gotta admire the sheer delusional chutzpah that's wrapped up in this thing. Truth be told, it's not even the worst place I've seen. [Craigslist]