App-Connected Hypercar Is a 280 MPH Smartphone Accessory

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The race to make the world's fastest production car has turned into an all-out war, and as our pals at Jalopnik report, the viciously bonkers gearheads at Koenigsegg are readying a jaw-dropping juggernaut. It's got all the mind-blowing stuff you'd expect: well over one thousand horsepower, a theoretical top speed of 280 MPH, carbon fiber everywhere. But huge power and exotic materials are expected in this strata of supercars. It's the technology that puts Koenigsegg on another planet.

Yes, from the 3D-printed turbocharger and exhaust components to the GPS-connected, smartphone-powered system that optimizes the suspension for each corner of the world's most famous race tracks, the Koenigsegg One:1 is the physical embodiment of virtual reality. Jalopnik's Travis Okulski got an amazing inside look at how this road-born fighter jet gets made, with eye-wateringly beautiful photography by GF Williams. Check out the whole story below.