Apple Agrees to Replace First-Gen iPod Nanos in Japan

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Wow, over in Japan Apple's not doing anything by halves—they're not only replacing faulty batteries in first-gen iPod Nanos, they're actually replacing the whole iPod. This comes after the country's government pressured Apple over the overheating iPods issue.

We'd first heard that there were only 27 cases of overheating and four cases of burns, as a result of faulty iPod Nano batteries, but it could be as high as 34 altogether.


Apple blamed the company which produced batteries for iPod Nanos sold between September 2005 - September 2006, and while they didn't name names, they're willing to replace all Nanos bought between this period for free. [Apple Japan via CrunchGear]

UPDATE: I'm pretty sure they're going to be replacing those first-gen Nanos with current models, considering they've probably agreed to the replacement as it's cheaper than manufacturing those differently-sized batteries all over again.

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Have they named the producer of those batteries? Get Apple's lawyers on that.