Apple Begins Producing MacBooks, Due Tomorrow?

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The Apple rumor sites are humming with news that Apple may have started production of its MacBook, the Intel-based consumer laptop replacing the now long-in-the-tooth iBook, some going so far as to speculate that Apple will officially announce its launch tomorrow in a news conference.

AppleInsider, usually considered one of the more reliable Apple rumor sites out there in the wild, reports that the MacBook will have many of the same features found in its MacBook Pro big brother, such as a built-in iSight camera and MagSafe power adapter as well as software such as Front Row and Phone Photo Booth. It's been suggested that the MacBook looks quite similar to the MacBook Pro as well, just smaller and in all-white à la the iBook, or in several colors, depending on whom you talk to. How wise it would be to announce a new laptop on the eve of E3 remains to be seen, so stay tuned, kids.

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