Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak's Favorite Gadget? The Google Phone

Illustration for article titled Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniaks Favorite Gadget? The Google Phone

Yes, you read that right. Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder and Gizmodo guest contributor extraordinaire, has confessed that his favorite gadget is Google's Nexus One. Oh Woz, my darling, you just broke my iPhone-powered heart.


We know that Woz picked up an iPhone right when it first came out and it's perfectly OK that he picked up a Nexus One right on its release day, too. But proclaiming the Google device as his favorite gadget? Ouch.


I do wonder what his reasons are for that proclamation when he also explained that an iPhone is still his main cellphone. [NBC]

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Yeah, this just shows that Woz has integrity. A phone you can run anything you like on is much better than a phone that's locked down and intentionally crippled. Apple's strangling the iPhone. They need to release it from jail before Android takes over.