Apple Considering 'At a Glance' Notification Screen for iPhone

Illustration for article titled Apple Considering At a Glance Notification Screen for iPhone

According to an Apple patent application, the company is considering adding an "At a Glance" screen to the iPhone. Instead of spreading various notifications across multiple icons, the screen would allow a one-page roundup of the phone's calls, SMSs and voicemails, and a keypress would take the user to any of those individual screens. The screen could, of course, signal push notifications like email as well. And while I can't help but to think it'd be handy, does this screen look like it could get a little cluttered *cough* Windows Mobile *cough* to anyone else? [appleinsider via macrumors]


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um hello intelli-screen thats what there knocking off and intelli-screen is way better it's awesome and only for jailbroken phones