Apple Event Liveblog: It's Only Rock and Roll

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Tomorrow—September 9, 1pm Eastern/10am Pacific time—Apple is starting up the day with a new round of iPods. And perhaps something else. Come early to Gizmodo's Apple liveblog, and enjoy the new realtime poll system under your thumb.


The new poll system—developed using Wordpress and Polldaddy by our friends at Mekanism—will allow you to give instant feedback about your gut reaction to the keynote. Jason and Brian will be inside the Yerba Buena Center to give you live photos and commentary. And while the show starts at 10am, they will tell you about the latest developments live from the entrance.

Click here to access the liveblog.


Apostol Georgiev Apostolov

Your livepoll is fancy but very lacking in functionality. It appears people get unlimited votes to throw in Love and Hate. Love and Hate are also very limited expressions. If I were to design the system, I would have used couple more expressions (Excited, Bored, Laughed, WTF?) and I would have let people have only one vote and move it from one expression to another dynamically. Also, people could see charts of each expression or overlayed all expressions in a single chart. Along the timeline's time vertical axis, I would lay down all photos taken from the liveblogging in real time, as tiny thumbnails.