Apple Expects Google Voice App Developers To Pay Refunds Out of Pocket

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Now this is ridiculous. Not only did Apple pull all the unofficial Google Voice apps out of the App Store for an absurd reason, now they expect the developers of those apps to fund refunds out of their own pockets.

One of the developers, as you remember, found out that their app had been pulled only when a user emailed them to ask the app wasn't available for purchase. Then, they asked Apple why it was pulled, and was met with what could only be called as an absurd phone exchange. See here for the transcript.


Now, according to an interview given to Maclife, they're being forced to pay for Apple's actions.

"Apple made it impossible for our customers to receive the fixes, updates, and support by pulling the app. We were fulfilling our end of the bargain. Why should those refunds come out of our pocket?" says Duerr. "The refund issue and lack of respect for our mutual customers has further soured us on the belief that Apple cares at all about their developers … other than the dollars they bring in."


I hope the FCC investigation gets somebody's ass smacked down. [MacLife]