Illustration for article titled Apple Hires JailbreakMe Creator Comex as an Intern

Little more than a day after Steve Jobs stepped down as Apple CEO, the doors to Cupertino swing back around to welcome Nicholas Allegra AKA Comex into the fold. Is Apple jailbreaking itself now?


Allegra, a self-professed Apple fanboy, is notorious for his JailbreakMe packages that allow iPhone owners to break through Apple's fortress-like software. Then Apple would patch things up with an update, only to have their defenses breached in another way. So the cat-and-mouse game went... until now.


In truth, Allegra's being hired has probably been in the works for awhile. What better way to stop a crime than to hire the criminal? It works in the movies, anyway. And they've done it before, having hired MobileNotifier's Peter Hajas shortly before they announced iOS 5.

So what can we expect from this? It does kind of mirror Microsoft's hiring the ChevronWP7 crew. Curious... [Comex via MacRumors]


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