The Father of JailBreakMe Hacks Because He Loves Apple

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Comex—or Nicholas Allegra, as the 19-year-old's parents call him—is the brain behind JailBreakMe, perhaps the most popular of all iPhone-busting software packages, and a pain in Apple's ass. But Forbes reports he does it because he's a fanboy.


It's a game for Allegra—and not one of torment, but one of a sort of mutual respect. Apple stonewalls Allegra, Allegra finds a way through it. A self-described Apple fanboy, he says "I guess it's just about the challenge, more than anything else," he says.

It's doubtful Apple sees it this way, regardless of how much Allegra loves his products. Software iron-fistitude is their M.O., and any attempt to skirt this is perceived as a threat, not a tribute. But Allegra doesn't seem deterred. He's just trying to have fun with a company he loves, which hates him back. [Forbes]



If Apple really cared that much, they would just buy him out and/or hire him and kill all of his public projects. Translation: Apple cares, but not enough to do anything major about it.

Jailbreakers, whether you choose to believe it or not, are the VAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSST minority of users.

It takes a lot less effort to file a lawsuit and "see where it goes" than it does to shut them up for good by bringing them internal and putting them on the security team.