Apple iPad Data Plans: Unlimited Data For $30/Month With No Contract

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The Apple iPad will come with two 3G data plans through AT&T, one of which is just $30 per month with no contract. You can cancel at any time with no penalty, and use AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots for free.


The other plan offered is $15 for 250MB of data, also through AT&T. You can activate directly from your iPad, which is objectively a pretty great deal given that you generally pay $60 for unlimited data on your laptop. The ability to cancel whenever you want to is also a boon, given how out of hand ETFs have gotten lately.Click to view



How in the shit does it make sense to charge $30 a month NON-CONTRACT for unlimited data for a full-view web browser, and yet $60 plus cellular per month on contract for an iPhone that can't pull down or handle anywhere near the same amount of data?

It doesn't. And that, my friends, is why I, comrade_leviathan, predict AT&T is going to be adjusting their cellular data plan rates to accommodate this current non-nonsensical disparity.

That is all.