Apple "It's Only Rock and Roll" iPod Event September 9

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It's here: The official invite for Apple's September 9 annual iPod event. It kicks off at 10AM Pacific—that's 1PM Eastern—and we'll be there bringing it to you live, as always.


What do you think we're gonna see next Wednesday at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts? iPods with cameras? MMS for iPhone in the US? A time machine that'll take us back to 2005, like this dancer? (Maybe they'll be dragging Mick Jagger and Keith Richards through it, judging by the caption. Does that mean no Beatles? Hmm.)

One thing it looks like we won't see, if the photo is any indication, is a coffin for the iPod classic. Update: Okay, since the headphone jack is on the bottom, indicating it's an iPod touch, maybe the classic will die after all.

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I hope its new AppleTVs