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Apple Jacks up iPhone and iPad Prices in Japan

The cost of some iPhones increased by nearly 20%, along with Apple products, as the value of the Yen fell.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Apple Store situated in the Ginza district of Tokyo
Apple Store situated in the Ginza district of Tokyo
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Apple products in Japan are becoming more expensive. The iPhone 13, for example, was found to be as much priced 19% higher than it . Prices of the smartphone have been rising with the launch of new models, but this price hike in Japan seems to have affected even older generations of iPhones as the value of the Yen has fallen.

The price of the iPhone SE (third-generation) has risen up to 62,800 yen ($459) from 57,800 yen ($423). The iPhone13 Pro (entry-level model) was previously 122,800 yen ($899) but is now 144,800 yen ($1,060). iPhones were not the only product to increase their price, as the iPad and iPad Air each increased by 10,000 yen, according to Bloomberg. Apple, which is worth $2.2 trillion, did not yet respond to a request for comment on the price hike.

Let’s compare these prices to the United States. In the U.S., the iPhone SE (third-generation) currently costs around $429 from the Apple store, $30 less than it is in Japan. The iPhone 13 pro costs $999 on U.S Apple stores, also less than Japan. The iPad Air, priced at 106,800 yen ($790) is $41 more expensive than its U.S counterpart ($749). You see where this is going.


International pricing varies, especially to consider currency fluctuations, but Apple products in Japan were, as noted above, less expensive than those in the United States. The price hike seems to come with the U.S dollar being up 18% against the Japanese Yen. This is not the first time Apple has adjusted the price of its products in Japan. In 2016 prices were cut by 10% because of currency fluctuations.

Consumer prices have been rises in Japan, and Apple is part of a list of brands that are hiking pricing to match production costs. Convenience store franchise Lawson Inc. and brewery company Asahi Group Holdings Ltd. have also hiked their prices, according to Bloomberg, but Apple is one of the first consumer technology companies to do so. We will see if other consumer technology companies will join them in the future.