Apple: Nevermind, There's No New Mac Pro

Illustration for article titled Apple: Nevermind, There's No New Mac Pro

Perhaps realizing that calling yesterday's Mac Pro update "new" was like hammering a nail into your wall and calling it a renovation, Apple fessed up today: there's nothing that new about it.


The Mac Pros got a spec bump. A pretty insulting spec bump, really—slightly faster processors. That's it. No Thunderbolt, no USB 3.0, nothing from the era since Ke$Ha was on the radio daily. The "new" banner has been removed as of today, with perhaps a mix of embarrassment and honor. [Apple Store]



So the Mac Pro has the slowest IO and the oldest processors. I wonder if the Ivy Bridge Macbooks could beat some of the MP configs since they have very old Westmere processors and 5770 graphics.