Apple Now Supports In-Store Mac Trade-Ins

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Photo: Gizmodo

Apple users will now be able to trade-in their old Macs in physical Apple Stores rather than having to use the company’s online system for these devices.


An Apple representative confirmed the change to Gizmodo, and an updated FAQ on Apple’s trade-in hub now omits language that previously stated that the only exception to in-store trade-ins was Apple’s line of computers. Now, a question about trade-in values and how they work simply states that the program is available through the company’s website as well as in at its brick-and-mortar locations, as Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman noted on Twitter this week. Gurman reported last week that the in-store trade-ins for Macs were imminent.

Something to keep in mind, as Apple notes on its trade-ins page, is that your computer’s estimated trade-in value may not necessarily align with what you’ll receive in-store. Apple was clear before that “credit you get in the store may be different from the estimated trade-in value you received online.” All the same, it’s worth repeating that any number of physical or operational issues that may not be immediately identifiable by the device’s owner could impact its overall value.

It’s also worth noting that due to the covid-19 measures in place right now—including curbside pick-ups and mandated appointments—you may not be able to physically enter a store and browse. We advise contacting the specific location ahead of time to get a better idea of their store policy during this time.

In other Apple news, Gurman reported earlier this month that Apple is preparing to let users buy new devices and pay them off in monthly installments using its Apple Card. Assuming you are already an Apple card user and in the market for the new 13-inch MacBook Pro with the notably less infuriating keyboard, a physical trade-in may mercifully save you the time required to ship your device. Who wants to wait for that?!



I actually just opened my wallet app and saw this, I didn’t know they launched this already, and assumed it was going to be announced at WWDC or something.