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Apple Patent Application Reveals a Bumpy Tablet

Illustration for article titled Apple Patent Application Reveals a Bumpy Tablet

Some of Apple's recently revealed patent applications may spoil the surprise over how we'll interact with the Apple tablet. According to Apple Insider's speculations, the patent applications imply that we'll have a multi-touch gadget with tactile feedback.


Apparently this batch of patent applications is for a dynamic surface which can "create physical bumps or dots for the user to feel when it is in keyboard mode." In theory, such a surface would allow you to orient your fingers better on the touchscreen for typing, but never interfere with other actions.


As usual, this is yet another neat tease about the lovely tablet which will fit into my handbag one day. Let's just hope it's soon though, because all the rumors, speculation, and gossip are starting to drive me nuts. [Apple Insider]

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Why would Apple let anyone see this patent before they release the tablet?

Unless... this won't apply to the upcoming tablet, or it is some kind of diversion made to let Apple assassinate the Prime Minister of Malaysia... or develop their own race of super-chimps.