Apple Patents Show Shuffle-Esque Remote Control, Other Goodies

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Apple has just walked home with six new patents, one of which details an iPod shuffle-like remote control. The image may not tell us much, but a reverse side clip is clearly visible, as is some form of circular control, which could be a scroll wheel or four way control pad. The iPhone comes with a basic in-line remote; could this be a more sophisticated offering? The other four patents described the following. Update: These products do not seem to be bringing anything new. The lanyard looks to be an iPod nano peripheral; both iPod shuffle iterations indicate the current model, and the remote has a striking similarity to the current iPod remote control, with integrated FM radio. The image technology may still be a note worthy patent acquisition.


A lanyard design, two iPod shuffle variations and a technology that allows production of smooth motion compensated frames by combining multiple interpolation results. Information is scant beyond that, but we do know the remote control patent was filed back in March 2007, and has just now been cleared. Bearing that in mind, the idea may have made it to the scrap heap, but we shall watch this space nonetheless. [ipodnn via Mactropolis]

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I used to have an iRiver IH-100 that had a remote with an LCD screen. The remote gave you complete control over the main device. It would be cool if there was a 3G shuffle that not only had a tiny screen in it, but could also act as a remote control for a larger iPod.