Apple Privately Admits White MacBook's Notorious Crack Problem

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And lo, the winged horse of the Apocalypse bounded through the sky: Apple is acknowledging the white MacBook's legendary hairline cracks along the bottom enclosure, and will actually fix it, regardless of your warranty.


An internal bulletin reportedly circulated last month to service providers points out four specific areas of the case that are especially to hairline cracking: the front, under the palmrests and trackpad, around the I/O ports, near back rear corners, and around the rear vents.

When examining your cracked out MacBook, if the service provider can't find any signs it's all your fault, the bulletin advises them to bump it for coverage by Apple even if the one-year warranty is up. As AppleInsider notes, this effectively reverses their previous policy of not covering repairs for the MacBook's bottom casing, which could suffer from cracking even under normal use.


Hurray for plastic MacBook owners But really, you should just get a unibody enclosure, it's made out of adamantium or something like that. Duh. [AppleInsider]

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Mine chipped on the top case on the corner. I've always been very careful with my laptop and this was just from daily use... resting my hand on the corners as I typed. Apple Canada refused to replace it, but the guy said it was a known problem and that it had been for a while. I called apple USA and said if it was a known problem and they were still selling a product they knew to have issues why would they not replace the damaged part at their expense. They saw it my way and I got a free repair. Sweet.