Apple Products Get Chopped, Shot, Smashed, and Burned

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What does Michael Tompert have against Apple? Probably nothing! He's just an artist who happens to have spectacularly destroyed a whole bunch of their products for his new exhibit. Above: a sledgehammered iPhone 4 and a neatly sliced Magic Mouse.

Tompert's show, 12LVE, opens tonight at San Francisco's Live Worms Gallery. It's a collaboration with photographer Paul Fairchild, who shot the gadgets in typical gadget-porn fashion (up close, against a stark white background), allowing viewers to get intimate with the destruction.


Cult of Mac has some of the exhibition's excellent images:

"Breathe," a 2008 MacBook Air shot with a 9mm Heckler & Koch handgun.

"Must Have," an iPhone 4 smashed with a 8 lb Sledge Maul.

"Magic Trick," a Magic Mouse cut by a handsaw.

And that's only a taste. Check out dismembered iPod Nanos, incinerated iPads and more over at Cult of Mac. [CultofMac]