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Apple Receives 188 Mysterious Cargo Containers: 3G iPhones, New MacBooks or the Finest Colombian Snow?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I think that the obsessive drive to be omnisciently aware of everything Apple is plotting has officially gone from a little crazy to completely silly. People are tracking their bowel movements cargo shipments, and apparently the latest batch has 188 containers from Asian supplier Hon Hai and Quanta Computers, mysteriously marked "electric computers," a label that they've never used before. Ack! Combined with the fact that "desktop computer" labeled shipments haven't dropped, ImportGenius, the dudes who monitor this stuff, are therefore convinced it's the 3G iPhone.

Or new MacBooks. The first shipment came in on March 27, which seems a bit early, unless they're really, really stockpiling to meet demand. Or it could just be a whole bunch of blow and June 9 will be the biggest party ever. [ImportGenius via Fortune]