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Apple Reportedly Looking to Revive MagSafe Charging in a New MacBook Air Too

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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One of the most requested features people wish Apple would bring back is the MagSafe charging system that used to come on older MacBooks. Which is why no one was surprised when Bloomberg reported it might be coming to the next iteration of the MacBook Pro. Now Bloomberg is saying that it could be coming to a totally redesigned MacBook Air too.

According to Bloomberg, the return of MagSafe is expected to coincide with the release of a redesigned 13-inch MacBook Air sometime in late 2021 or the first half of 2022. In addition to MagSafe charging tech, Apple is reportedly looking to slim down the upcoming MacBook Air and reduce its footprint by decreasing the size of its bezels. Finally!


Furthermore, while Bloomberg says it won’t be available in Apple’s upcoming generation of laptops, it seems Apple is also exploring the possibility of making a larger MacBook Air with a 15-inch display, which is a size Apple hasn’t offered before on the MacBook Air line.

However, in the process of updating MagSafe to work on laptops in 2021 and 2022, it’s likely that Apple would need to redesign the MacBook Air’s charging port to somehow support USB-C, or as Bloomberg reports, feature a updated proprietary port that allows the MacBook Air’s charging cable to safely detach during situations when the cord and laptop are suddenly pulled apart. And in a notable upgrade from the current MacBook Air, the next-gen model is said to feature a total of four USB-C ports, two more than what you get right now.


Elsewhere, in addition to an updated MacBook Air, Bloomberg claims Apple is also working on the “biggest update to the MacBook Pro since 2016” which also features MagSafe charging, the return of a full SD card reader, the possible removal of Apple’s Touch Bar, and a more powerful version of Apple’s ARM-based M1 processor. The new MacBook Pro is expected to be available in both 14 and 16-inch sizes and could get announced later this year ahead of the redesigned MacBook Air.

With Apple having already embarked on its big transition away from Intel CPUs, it appears the company is rapidly planning major refreshes for all of its computers. So for anyone who was thinking about getting a new Mac laptop or even desktop sometime in the next year, you may want to hold off temporarily as we wait for more details to emerge.