When Apple's iPhone made the jump to eight hours of life (Boom!) fans rejoiced, haters moaned and competitors wept. And shoddy journalists reported "It won't meet claimed battery life!" (Duh.) Other journalists asked How?


Now, Apple's updated J-Phone spec page answers that question by detailing their rundown from fresh batt to dead phone.

•Eight hours of talk was measured on the 1900MHz band with Wi-Fi network scanning off.

•Six hours of Internet browsing was done over Wi-Fi or 1900MHz EDGE, on a closed network with dedicated Web and mail server, simulating "browsing to 20 URLS and checking mail once an hour." (Hahahahah "Once an Hour"!)

•Video playback life of seven hours was measured by playing back a 2:23-hour-long movie, which iLounge thinks is Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, over and over again.

•Twenty-four hours of audio life was measured by playing 358 tracks over and over again, with content from both CDs and iTunes.

Throughout the test, Wi-Fi auto searching of networks was off, for screen intensive tasks, the auto-dimming was off. Check the spec page for full details.

Apple iPhone Spec Page [Apple Via iLounge]