Apple Rumors: Significantly Faster Macbook Pro Come August?

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Dream, fanboys, dream. Here's the formula for a rumor: Add in the July 27th launch date for Intel's Core 2 Duo chips (redundant name? yes, and yes.) Add the approach of Apple's Developer Conference in early August. Bake at 300 degrees, no, wait, 150 degrees, and instantly arrive at the idea that the new chips would show in new a Macbook Pro next month. While we're cooking up speculation, it would be fair to drool. Those chips are supposed to be a great deal faster than the originals inside of today's MBPs; a great deal more than what we get in an average game of CPU-speed leap frog.


New Macbook's in August(?)[ MacRumors ]
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I knew this was coming - was tracking Merom for months and planning to wait, then all my gear was stolen and I had to buy something.

What I really wonder is how this may affect the 32bit x86 mac os x support, since its window will be relatively short.