Apple’s Remote WWDC Gets an Official Start Date on June 22, Here’s How to Attend

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Illustration: Apple

In March, the spread of covid-19 forced Apple to convert WWDC 2020 into an online-only event. But back then, Apple never set a date for its annual developers conference. Well now we know: WWDC 20 starts on June 22.

In a press release issued today, Apple announced that its 31st Worldwide Developers Conference will be free for everyone, while also hosting Apple’s Swift Student Challenge which will serve as a showcase for student-made apps and projects.

While attending WWDC is free, anyone interested in attending Apple’s week-long event will need to be a registered Apple developer, which you can do by going here and following the steps to enroll yourself or your organization. From there, Apple is encouraging developers to download the Apple Developer app, which will serve as a program guide and resource center for the event and will include details on keynotes, lab schedules, and more.


Alternatively, if you’re only interested in the main WWDC keynote, we expect that will be similar to previous events, Apple will host a public livestream that anyone can watch online.

WWDC traditionally serves as a place for Apple to communicate more directly with its developers, while also allowing Apple to give users a preview of new tools and features planned across its ecosystem including macOS, iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, watchOS and more.


And while WWDC is mostly focused on software, it’s quite possible Apple could have a few hardware announcements planned for the event as well. Last year, Apple used WWDC 19 to give people a more in-depth look at its high-end Mac Pro desktop. Also, after launching Apple TV+ last fall, Apple could use WWDC 20 to talk about any upcoming shows or series heading to its streaming video service.

With Google and Facebook having already canceled their annual developers conference for 2020, it’s nice to see that Apple has managed to convert its event into something a built more quarantine-friendly. But before WWDC happens in late June, Microsoft will get to take the stage first at Build 2020, which is scheduled to start in two weeks on May 19.