Apple Sues School For Using The Same Fruit In a Logo

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The Victoria School of Business and Technology in Canada could have probably taken a more original approach when designing their logo, but I doubt Apple is protecting themselves from much by suing the hell out of them. Are students showing up at Apple stores demanding that the so-called "Genius Bar" reconsider their essays marks? Are Apple store employees inadvertently showing up at the school and teaching hours and hours of "How to use iPhoto" classes? Apple is just trying to prevent the devaluation of their logo here, but it never looks good when you sue a school, even if that school is a for-profit vocational tech college. [CBC via MacNN]



Ok, maybe if 'Apple' was called 'Flibbertygibbet' and they designed a flibbertygibbet for their logo, and someone else made a logo of a flibbertygibbet for themselves, then maybe I see it. But any company/product called 'Apple' or 'Car' or 'Hand' or 'Ball' or 'Window' is going to cause copyright infringement issues up the hooziss. Apple, are we really going down this road? I ate an apple today. Do you want to sift through the toilet leavings to see if my creation in any way resembles your own?