Apple Tells Devs to Stop Tracking Your iPhone's Secret ID Number

Illustration for article titled Apple Tells Devs to Stop Tracking Your iPhones Secret ID Number

Every single iPhone has a unique number attached to that device. Devs like this number, because it lets them keep track of who's using their apps. Apple's realizing this might be a liability, and wants the numbers outta there.

Digital Trends reports Apple's telling devs to use their own (non-hardware) tracking methods by iOS 5, although there's no information as to when (or if) an actual ban will be enforced. Apple has a pretty powerful grip over its developer community, but short of forcing them to stop using the convenient unique device identification numbers (UDIDs), there will probably be some reluctance. [Digital Trends]

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what about the IMEI number? Or do devs not have a way to access that through apps?