Apple Tells UPS To Hold Your iPhone 3GS Until "Future Delivery Date"

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You've ordered the iPhone 3GS, Apple has shipped it, and UPS has picked it up and even taken it to your local branch... but that doesn't mean you will be getting your hands on that 3GS goodness just yet.

It looks like Apple has unsurprisingly told UPS not to jump the gun by delivering the iPhone 3GS ahead of its official release date.

People who ordered on the Apple Store have started receiving information that their packages are being held frustratingly close to their houses, but will not be making that final leg of the journey until a "future delivery date," presumably meaning the 19th. Oddly the package progress info seem to be saying the "receiver" requested the "hold for a future delivery date" though I can't imagine too many of you would have done that. [Thanks, Matthew!]