A Bug Hits HealthKit Right Before iOS 8 Launch (Updated)

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One of iOS 8's most talked about features is HealthKit, a new API that lets developers build various health-related apps for the iTunes store. However, right before today's iOS 8 launch, it appears that HealthKit hit a snag that made Apple to temporarily remove several apps, according to a report from 9to5Mac.

A few services affected are actually some pretty heavy hitters, including MyFitnessPal, WebMD, and CARROT Fit. Earlier this morning, Brian Mueller, the creator of the Carrot Fit received word from Apple that his app would be temporarily pulled. The reason? It's not you, it's us.


All the apps affected have integrated with Apple's HealthKit API as the company suggested when it was announced at WWDC in June. When speaking with 9to5Mac, Mueller said that current users who downloaded the update were experiencing no problems with HealthKit-specific capabilities, so the real cause for the last minute delay is uncertain. There's been no official word from Apple or and Mueller says there's currently no ETA.

Although this delay appears to have been unplanned, it joins other iOS 8 features that have been granted extended deadlines, including SMS continuity, which will now most likely launch when Mac OS Yosemite releases publicly.


Despite this unforseen HealthKit hiccup, iOS 8 still has plenty to enjoy in the meantime. [9to5Mac]

Update: Apple has addressed the issue and says a HealthKit "bug" doesn't allow health apps to push to iOS 8. The problem may not be fixed until the end of the month, according to Financial Time's Tim Bradshaw. We've reach out to Apple for a comment.