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Apple's Mysterious Patent for Improving on a Composite Laminate

Illustration for article titled Apples Mysterious Patent for Improving on a Composite Laminate

Everyone tends to get excited whenever Apple wins a patent, but this latest one has folks scratching their heads because it's rather slim on details. What we do know is that Apple managed to improve on a composite laminate.


It sounds as if the composite laminate described could be made of various materials and have nearly limitless applications. But since what Apple did is specifically improve on the cosmetic surface of the composite, we can imagine that we'll one day see gadgets with a special new coating. [Patently Apple]

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The Artgineer

So they patent fiber reinforced resin laminate composite? They better put liquidmetal in this.

I do not like when people patent everything they can even though they can't make it. Use it, don't patent only to prevent the others from using it.