The headquarters of staggeringly rich tech giants (and the construction of said HQs) are stuff of Silicon Valley legend. Apple’s been building its new campus for months now, and you can watch this beautiful video for the latest look at Apple’s extravagant second complex.

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Speaking of legends, Apple’s new complex has been churned through the rumor mill for years now. But finally, the futuristic-looking second campus in the Bay Area is all coming together, especially compared this other video taken only 10 months ago.


Apparently the complex is costing Apple $5 billion, will be 2.8 million square feet, and looks badass with an accompanying Hans Zimmer-like Batman soundtrack. [MacRumors]

Which New BlackBerry Phone Might Run Android? People are starting to wonder if a new BlackBerry phone will run Google’s OS. Two different models of new BlackBerry, apparently codenamed “Prague” and “Venice,” may or may not feature Android. [Digital Trends]


Twitter’s Touch-and-Go CEO Sitch: On Monday, Twitter announced it’s looking for a CEO who can make a “full-time commitment,” casting doubt on whether interim CEO Jack Dorsey will stick around. Though Dorsey will take the reins July 1, he’s busy enough as the head of Square. [San Jose Mercury News]

Amazon Echo Opens Its API Doors: Amazon Echo (which we reviewed here) now grants devs a kit of APIs that allow them to brew up new powers for Alexa form scratch. Soon, you may ask Alexa to water your lawn or remind you how many miles you logged in the past week. [Amazon]


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