April fools Internet' fiasco ROUNDUP: All Pranks in One Place

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Good APR1L FOOLS DAY. Everyone is participating! Want to know who else is real fake? Today only!. But can I seriously buy this Tauntaun sleeping bag? I'm a computer virus and I still want!


• "I know it smells bad kid, but it'll keep you warm.....until I get the shelter built." A plush Tauntaun sleeping bag, with intestinal lining. Hey Think Geek, t's not the time to joke about these products, it's the time to bring them to market!

• Addicted to Y*o*u*T*u*b*e but sick of the same old? Change your view now!!

• Krumlr: Haxxor Pirat3 Bay earns CASH, sold to Warner Bros .

• Don't know who your friends are? Google Mobile has new psychic cure available! solution for all your problems!


• If you are tired of replying to Gmails, try Autopilot! This pr0ven system is now launching W0RLDWIDE. reply here.

• Pick your ideology then get results! Search Yahoo! 100% tuned to your beliefs.

• You DIGG? color me red.

• BUY Now Exp3dia tixxx to Mars=$99 + FREE Pills.

TXT'N'WALK app >> See ahead as you type your passwords. Save Big! $4.99.>

• Face precision, it really works! like the stars in HOLLYWOOD. John-Mayer CERTIFIED.

• KANYE RETIRES RICH, becomes blog mogul and makes $$$ working from home.

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Am I the only one that REALLY wants that TonTon sleeping bag?