Archos Android Tablet Price and Pictures Leak

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Archos's 4.8-inch-screened A5 series (the A stands for Android!) has already been given the FCC treatment, and now retailer B&H has listed the price and capacities of the device ahead of its September 15th launch.


Looks like the A5 will come in two flash and two hard drive capacities, with a 16/32GB SSD or a 160/500GB HDD. Prices are $294 for the 16GB, $370 for the 32GB, $320 for the 160GB and $420 for the 500GB. The A5 is rumored to have 720p video output, but like the Zune HD, you'll have to buy a dock, and the A5's is a pricey one with DVR functionality at $130. We'll keep you updated once the product is officially announced on September 15th. [ArchosFans via Engadget]


Sir Gibler

does anyone else think it looks like a first gen storm?