Archos A5S and A5H Tablets Look Blah, Unless the "A" Stands for Android

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Looks like that Archos Android internet tablet that is set to be released on September 15 got outed by the FCC. Looking a lot like the Archos 5, the A5S and A5H have 4.8 inch screens and you know, internet.


The hardware on the new mobile internet devices looks to have been redesigned from the Archos 5. It has the typical Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and while the user manual mentions 3G (or SIM Kaart) the FCC didn't test it.

As for the OS, Android has to be it with all the rumors swirling and would make the devices a whole lot more exciting, but the one shot of the device powered on has an interesting UI. Looks like some sort of media bar type interface along the bottom. Is that an app drawer on the right?


I am trying real hard to get excited about this tablet especially without a price. Chances are it will get a tag north of $300 and in that case I am just not sure why you don't get a Android phone or a netbook and put Android on it yourself. [FCC via Engadget]