Archos Reveals Road Map, Includes 700 TV Portable PVR

Archos launched its 404, 504 and 604 players a month ago, and now here's a bit of information about its upcoming 700 TV model, a fine-looking porto-player that promises over-the-air digital television using the Freeview format. It's equipped with a 4.3-inch screen, WiFi, GPS and a cellular modem. Maybe all that connectivity is why the thing needs four ugly antennas sticking out the back; we're hoping that's just a preproduction model.

In the company's "Investor Kit", there are some intriguing technologies, including a digital video recording docking station into which you can place this 700 TV player, resulting in an MPEG-4 TV recorder for your time shifting enjoyment. The docking station can also record video from a satellite-based PVR-equipped set-top box. However, talk is cheap. These products aren't available yet, and the company didn't say when they would be.


Q2 Investor Kit [Archos]

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