Are iBooks Already Getting Pricier?

So this is curious: Just a few days after screens showing iBooks Store ebook prices leaked, revealing a ton of $9.99 bestsellers, a fresh leak shows a bunch are back up to $12.99. Say what?


Well, this could mean a few things:

• Most definitely, if both of these leaks are real, it means that prices aren't final until they are (in other words, don't put much stock in prices until the day the iBooks Store opens)
• Ebook prices are in flux because of negotiations between publishers, Apple and Amazon
• More interestingly, I'm wondering how much it indicates ebook prices could fluctuate once the store opens, based on factors like pricing in other ebook stores, how well books are selling, publishers discounts, etc.

Despite the apparent bump, I still don't discount the NYT's report that Apple has some say over book prices, despite their general use of the agency model, where publishers set the price and Apple takes a cut.Either way, expect things to change a lot over the next few months, and definitely over the next year, as publishers—and Apple—figure out how people are going to use the iPad and what they'll pay for particular kinds of content. [AppAdvice]


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