Ariel Pink: pom pom

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A couple weeks ago, The New Yorker published a lovely little essay about the eccentric rocker, Ariel Pink. The whole conversation takes place in an SUV bound from Pink's Williamsburg hotel to a show in Staten Island. Pink rehashes some recent social media controversies and some other thoughts on his own fame. The whole encounter could best be described as strange, which coincidentally, is the perfect adjective for Pink's new album, pom pom.

The first time I listened to this haphazard, chaotic, beautiful disaster, I wasn't immediately smitten. In fact, I'd say my expression hovered between surprise and bemusement. Pom pom is an amalgamation of the sonically wonderful ("White Freckles") and the truly bizarre ("Black Ballerina") and at no point does it show any signs of predictability. Without a doubt, there is no album like this in 2014, and I think that's why after giving it one listen, I found myself quickly returning for another, and another, and another.

A lot of these tracks wouldn't be out of place in say an 80s workout video or as the haunting soundtrack of Adult Swim's next Too Many Cooks-inspired creation. It shares that same sense of unrestricted experimentation. In some songs it succeeds completely and in others not as much, but regardless it's an experience worth hearing at least once—if not again and again. [Spotify]


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