Army Getting Electro-Magnetic Pulse Grenade to Mess Up Bin Laden's Xbox

Those Pentagon heads have been playing too much Star Wars Republic Commando again, because now they want to give soldiers Electro-Magnetic Pulse grenades, according to the head of the new US Army's Electronic Warfare Division:

EMP grenade technology is out there, but I've never had my hands on one. The Army needs to have its own on-the-ground assets to complement our abilities, to get the enemy first or stop them from getting us on the ground.Electronic warfare is going to be fought on the ground, not just in the air, and you have to have an attack from the ground point of view.


Those are the words of Col. Laurie Buckhout, chief of the new Electronic Warfare Division, Army Operations, Readiness and Mobilization, during a conference in Washington last Tuesday. Buckhout-who I can only imagine looks like Starbuck-said that they need selective ground electronic attacks because attacks from the air or ground with jammers can interfere with friendly signals as well. Using portable jammers or EMP grenades, then can take out the enemy electronic capacity as needed, with less problems than wide attacks. [DODBuzz]

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