Army Medic Puts the "Action" in "Action Camera" [Updated]

Army flight medic SGT Tyrone Jordan of Charlotte, NC knows how to rock a GoPro. (Bet that's quite the YouTube channel.) And Marine LCpl. David Hawkins—carried here by Jordon in Afghanistan—is surely a big fan. [Scott Olson/Getty Images]

And then this email:

I didn't know if you wanted an update on the picture of the medic carrying a wounded soldier in the article. My dad is Scott Olson, the photographer that took the picture. It is actually his GoPro that he bought to take to Afghanistan when found he was going to be embedded. His goal was actually to get the soldiers he would be attached to to wear the camera while he himself took pictures. Then at the end, he would have 2 POVs for all the action he got into. He hasn't released any of the footage taken yet, he's been over there doing it for about two and half weeks now. His plan is to compile all the footage when he gets back to the states and edit it down something more PG rated and remove a lot of the grislier stuff. He just told me he's seen 6 or 7 other photojournalists with GoPros trying to do something similar. Just thought this might clarify for people asking for a link to the youtube channel.


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