Arrow Lost Its Big Harley Quinn Plans Because of the Suicide Squad Movie

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Not to feel let down by Suicide Squad before it even comes out, but, according to Willa Holland (Thea Queen) the movie meant an end to Arrow’s big plans for Harley Quinn.


Harley’s popped up in a cameo on Arrow before. Tara Strong voiced her in season 2’s “Suicide Squad” and we would have actually seen her played by Cassidy Alexa in a deleted scene from “Unthinkable.” But apparently those were just small teases before a full-on Harley Quinn plot. According to Flickering Myth, Holland said that the show had “big plans for Harley” but that the movie meant scrapping the whole thing.

And speaking at MCM London, Holland seemed to hint that we’ll be seeing less of ARGUS and the Suicide Squad in general on TV from here on out:

Pertaining to all the movies that are being made and stuff like that in the comic book world, it’s also taken a side away from the TV shows. Because we had the Suicide Squad and these things inside of it, ARGUS. We were going really heavily into that for a minute. And then, something must have come down from DC or some higher-up above that said “No, you must cease and desist because we’re going to make it into a movie and we can’t have anyone spoil that idea.”

We did get to see that little pigtail and the ARGUS uniform and the little treat of Harley Quinn, and it just got ripped away. So if we could actually have Harley Quinn on the show, that would be amazing. But it’s never going to happen.

We can probably guess that she was going to play a larger role in Suicide Squad doings, before the characters appearing in the movie became off-limits to the TV show. Which is frustrating, since we’ve been pretty constantly reminded that DC’s movie and television enterprises are in completely different universes. I do get why Warner Bros. would want to avoid duplicating characters wherever possible, but, come on, I think we’d all love to see what the Arrow team had in store for Harley.

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The more I read about all of the nonsense WB/DC keeps pulling as they blithely hamstring the DCTVU, the more impressed I am that Berlanti and Guggenheim managed to get The Flash on the air. The news of the growing roster of characters Arrow and Flash can’t use and the total dick move of announcing Ezra Miller would be Barry Allen just as Grant Gustin hit our small screens make me think that WB/DC would have nixed the spin-off (at least in the form it is now) had it occurred to them to do so.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if the only reason Barry Allen is being used in the movie(s) is because someone heard this series was being developed/produced and had no idea how many characters have been the Flash over the decades. It’s not as if the movie was born from love of the source material and the belief there were some stories worth telling in a different medium. Whoever pitched the film idea probably had no idea Wally West et al. even exist. I am okay with speculating that B & G must have some excellent contracts for their Flash not to have been scrubbed retroactively the way Deadshot and Harley were.