As if McDonald's Wasn't Dirty Enough, They're Now Spraying DNA On Criminals

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I'd like to know what's being stolen from this Dutch McDonald's. Coffee stirrers? Napkins? Toilet paper? This synthetic DNA spray intrigues me, though—not only does it "tag" crims, but when the button is pressed, it alerts police too.

So far, only one Dutch McDonald's in Rotterdam has been outfitted with the DNA sprayer, and while not a single arrest has been made after a criminal has been coated with the DNA (which is visible under UV light), police are claiming it has actually helped deter potential thieves. Meanwhile, the McDonald's around the block has probably seen an increase in crime, but anyhoo.

The DNA spray is activated by staff who just have to remove a 10 Euro note from a special location behind the counter, which then triggers the spray which is suspended over the door to the restaurant. While signs are up on the door warning would-be thieves "you steal, you're marked" it's invisible to the people inside.


I guess it makes for a nice change from the usual ketchup stains down your top. [NY Times]