Ashcan is an Ashtray for One

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Considerate smokers (har, har) looking for an ashtray to deposit their refuse into can take a look at the ashcan. It's a personal ashtray that's shaped like a cigarette that lets you deposit your ashes inside while at the same time keeping the smoke from bothering others.

The only downside to this is that it costs $2.40 per ashcan, so you'll have to either clean them out afterwards or invest in a lot of ashcans.

Product Page [Ashcan via Geekologie]

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I'm 27. Since I was a teenager, I have noticed the attitude some non-smokers have towards smokers go from pity to amusement to contempt to disgust to violent rage. Why and how has it become socially acceptable to despise a particular subset of people?

I should mention that I am (maybe?) a rarity: I'm a smoker who welcomes public smoking bans, who tries not to smoke around people who find it disgusting, who stubs cigarettes in a trash can or down a drain whenever possible, and who tries to make every concession possible to non-smokers. I'm also trying to quit as hard as I can (I've cut down to 5 a day). People have to realise that nicotine is very addictive and it's not easy quitting. But all this is still not enough. What will make you people happy?